California Road Trip: Palm Springs, Pt.2

Welcome back! I'm just going to jump right in, so here comes pt. 2 of our California Adventure. Here it goes!

Sunday, January 14th:  After leaving the Salton Sea, we headed north to Palm Springs. We arrived in town and checked into our hotel. When looking at hotels in Palm Springs, there are lots of amazing and unique options, but one that stuck out to me was The Sagurao. If follow literally any fashion blogger on Instagram you have probably seen this hotel without realizing it. It's the rainbow hotel, and it is so cute!

Photo Jan 15, 11 40 04 PM.jpg

Every room at this hotel has a different color theme. We had a balcony room that overlooked the pool and was yellow and green. It was so fun to walk around the property and see all of the bright and cheery colors. And you know I took the opportunity to take a few fun portraits!

Photo Jan 15, 2 33 07 PM.jpg

After putting our bags down and catching our breath we headed to the restaurant at our hotel, El Jefe, known for their margaritas and tacos!

Monday, January 15th: Since we had gotten used to getting up so early, today was no different. We headed out around 7:30am and did a little drive through town. Palm Springs is know for their mid-century modern homes and buildings so I definitely wanted to see some of that. I found lots of homes with bright colored doors that I absolutely love!

Photo Jan 15, 11 40 56 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 15, 2 45 29 PM.jpg

After exploring town a bit, we headed back to the hotel to change and head to The Parker for our brunch reservation at Norma's. 

Photo Jan 15, 11 36 13 PM.jpg

The lobby of The Parker is known for their inter design, so I was super excited to see what it was all about! I love the lip pop-art prints, and the carpet from the Shinning!

Photo Jan 15, 8 19 00 PM.jpg

The front doors of The Parker are seriously door goals!

We were seated on the patio at Norma's and it was the perfect atmosphere. Jake and I both ordered the Omelette and they were delicious! I absolutely adored the decor at Norma's. So bring and vintage!

Later on Monday afternoon we went for a little drive to see the Cabazon dinosaurs! How cute are they?!

Photo Jan 15, 8 11 23 PM.jpg

On our way back into town we stopped at The Shops at thirteen forty five. It is a boutique style building, with lots of different shops inside. There were 14 total shops setup the day we visited. I found the cutest vintage jade earrings at a little shop called Lindy. 

Photo Jan 15, 8 09 16 PM.jpg

Since we had gotten used to waking up early, dinner and bedtime came early too. I was seriously sound asleep by 9pm every night.  But before we headed back to chill for the evening at The Saguaro, we stopped at a little restaurant called Frank in Bun.

Frank in Bun is a gourmet sausage restaurant. If you know me at all, you know I love Chicago dogs. And we found them! Chicago dogs in California!

Photo Jan 15, 8 14 24 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 15, 8 15 09 PM.jpg

Tuesday, January 16th: Tuesday morning we headed over to The Ace Hotel to have breakfast at Kings Highway. Kings Highway is the Ace's home restaurant and used to be a Denny's. You can tell how it would have looked originally, but they have done an overhaul on the space and made it all their own. 

We finished up our food, and went to check out the Ace's iconic sign.

Photo Jan 16, 2 42 33 PM.jpg

When we left we took 5 minute drive from the Ace to the Indian Canyon reservation. As we entered the park and followed signs that would lead us to Palm Canyon near the back of the park. Driving back to the trail head, we had to drive between these two giant rocks, I wasn't entirely sure we would fit. 

Photo Jan 16, 2 43 35 PM.jpg

We got to the top of the trial head and snapped a picture from the top of the canyon before we hiked down into it. I think this view is so neat. I love how it is just barren mountains, but then doing in the canyon there are so many palm trees, such a cool contrast. 

After exploring the canyon for a few hours, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for engagement pictures! 

We were meeting a photographer at Moorten Botanical gardens that afternoon to have some engagement pictures taken. We decided to go over early and take a few of our own shots before she arrived. 

Photo Jan 16, 10 00 23 PM.jpg

And a little peek at our engagement pics!


Wednesday, January 17th:  Wednesday morning we got up early and hit the road. We had a 4 hour drive to our destination, The Hoover Dam. The day we were at the dam the tours were closed, so unfortunately we didn't get to take advantage of those. It was still very cool to see and explore on our own though. 

Photo Jan 17, 11 38 07 PM.jpg

Next, we were headed to The Valley of Fire. Valley of Fire State Park is located about an hour northeast of Las Vegas. After driving for about and hour and half we made it. We headed into the park and explored for a bit. We arrived about an hour and a half before sunset so we didn't have a ton of time to venture into the park, but what we were able to see was amazing! 

Photo Jan 17, 11 17 49 PM.jpg

We headed back out of the park right at sunset, and headed back to Vegas. Once we got into Vegas we drive up and down the strip, saw a few sights, and then headed to our hotel. Since we were just staying over until it was time to go to the airport, we stayed off of the strip and saved some money. 

Super early the next morning we headed to the airport, caught our flight home, and here we are! 

I absolutely loved exploring the California desert and hope to make it back out there again someday. It is definitely a sight to see! In all we drove our rental car 1,624 miles, and covered a lot of ground, and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Until next time, Mad