Senior pictures in the summer? HECK YES!!!

I hear it so many times each year, "No, I don't want to book yet, I want my pictures in the fall." And it kills me! Yes, fall portraits are beautiful, but summer is so perfect for your senior session! And here is why: (read below for more)

1. You get your senior pictures before everyone else! You want to be one of the first to get to post a senior sunday? Well that means you need to be taking your portraits in the summer! You'll get first dibs on locations and styles, and they will be the first that your classmates see!

2.The light is STUNNING! You want warm, sunny, glowing images? Well then a summer session is for you! That perfect warm light that you love only sticks around so long and it is at it's best during the summer months!

3. You get to wear whatever you want! Want to wear a sundress and dance in a field? Then a summer session is for you! I love the versatility that I see in my seniors outfits during their summer sessions, you can still rock pants, shorts, tanks, all shirts, all dress, and even light weight summer jackets! The wardrobe possibilities are endless, and you don't have to worry about staying warm, or looking cold in your portraits. 

4. The glow! Everyone's skin in the summer is a little more bronze and radiant, and it shows in photos. Your airbrush makeup will last all day, no matter how warm we may get during a summer session and your skin looks perfect. No chapped lips or patch dry skin in the summer, only glowing, radiant, picture perfect you with flawless makeup! 


5. Schedules are more open in the summer. Once school is back in session, your calendar (and mine) is harder to navigate. In the summer, you have more time to plan and to prepare for your photo shoot.

Yes it is warm out, yes we will get hot, but you would never know by looking at your gorgeous senior portraits. Fall dates are almost filled, do not miss out on your Mad.B Photo senior experience just because you are scared of a little sweat!