Hallie: Jeffersonville High Senior

Meet Hallie!

I first met Hallie's family in 2016 when I shot her sister Adeline's senior portraits. I knew instantly that she and her family were my kind of people. I adore my clients, and love when they start to feel like family. I was beyond thrilled when Hallie joined my class of 2018 model team, and knew our year together would be a blast!

We started our day with hair and makeup at her grandparents riverside home, and decided to shoot our first few looks there around their property. I love when seniors decide on locations that are personal to them. Check out some of our favorites for her photoshoot!

sneak 2.jpg

For Hallie's third outfit change we went to shoot at a top secret location that she found for us to shoot at. To say that I was in Photographers heaven is a complete and total understatement. I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor multiple times! 


For Hallie's final two outfits we wanted to find some pretty flowers and natural elements, so we headed to our final location and got these stunning images to complete her senior portrait session.

pink new year background.jpg
sneak 1.jpg

Thanks so much for popping by and checking out some of our favorites from Hallie's senior portrait experience! Make sure to leave her some love by liking the post below!

Maggie: Community Montessori Class of 2018

I cannot believe that Maggie is already a senior! For those of you that don't already know, Maggie is my cousin, and has been my muse over the years as I have grown into the photographer that I am. We have shot countless times, from chill settings to some really funky themed shoots, and we always have a blast. Over the years she has become a natural in front of my camera and I was so excited that it was time for her own senior portraits. 

In the past, I have been the director behind our shoots together, but for this shoot maggie was in control. Maggie loves the outdoors so for her shoot we wanted to find a spot that really showed off natures beauty, but let her free spirit shine as well. I love what we created together, check it out below!


Kylie: Floyd Central Class of 2018

Meet Kylie! The first senior of the Class of 2018 senior season! Is it that time already?! Man time flies! 

I met Kylie a little over a year ago, and I am so happy that she choose to be a part of Team18, and to have me capture this special time in her life. Check out her gallery below and some inside info on our day together! I know you all are going to ADORE this session! 

For Kylie's hair and makeup we wanted to keep things natural. I love that she decided that she wanted curls, I am obsessed with her hair! We did a soft eye look, but added false lashes to really add some drama. Her first outfit was perfect and girly in everyday and I knew I needed to find a location that matched how cute it was. We decided to stop at this flower stand for her first set, and I think we absolutely killed it! It's a prefect combo!

Kylie's next location and outfit were a match made in heaven, take a look for yourself!


For our third look of the day, Kylie switched up her girly floral print ensemble for an edgier look, a black zip up romper. So Cute!


Once we finished shooting in the black romper, we loaded back up in the car and headed for our final location. Kylie had two outfits for our last stop, and I was so excited to find the perfect little spots to shoot these two looks.  Outfit #4 was a turquoise romper that showcased Kylie's beautiful red hair like a dream! And for look #5, a printed sundress, we headed down to the creek. 

I had a blast spending the day with Kylie and her mom during her Mad.B Senior shoot! As always, It was my absolute pleasure capturing these images for Kylie and her family. Welcome to the Mad.B family Kylie!

Amber: Class of 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Amber and her mom when she modeled for me 2 years ago for some ballet photos that we did together.  I reached out to her when I was putting together my 2017 ModSquad, because I knew she would be a perfect fit. 

For her session we wanted to show off her talents and love for ballet as well as her everyday style. I think we managed to capture both beautifully! See for yourself!


Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you loved Amber's photos as much as we do!

A big thank you to Amber and her family for choosing me as her senior portrait photographer! It is my honor to capture you in this special time in your life, thanks so much for trusting me to capture your senior year!

Jacqueline: Jeffersonville High Senior

Meet Jacqueline! She is a 2017 senior at Jeff high and is on the swim team. She is such a sweet soul and an absolute joy to be around. Read through to learn more about our time shooting together and see some of our faves from her shoot!

We started the day with hair and makeup at Jacqueline's home. Before we got started in the glam chair, we did a quick wardrobe walk-through so that I could see everything she had picked out for her shoot. I really love the outfit selections that Jacqueline picked for her shoot. It was a great variety of jeans and tops, rompers, and dresses. Everything you need for a successful senior shoot!

After Viewing her outfits, we headed back into hair and makeup. Jacqueline preferred a neutral eye look, so we opted for tones that would really help her eyes stand out. For hair she decided to wear loose, beachy curls. Perfect for her laid back and casual style!

We ended Jacqueline's shoot at one of the coolest locations I have been to in awhile. she has a family friend that was able to get us access to the quarry, and it was breathtaking! We shot at the quarry until the sun was setting. It was a photographers dream to shoot there, and we are both obsessed with the photos captured there!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  

Jacqueline, Thank you so much again for choosing Mad. B Photography for your senior portraits! It was my honor working with you and spending the day with you and your mom! Have a fabulous senior year!

Mad.B goes West

Back in October I learned of a shoot-out that would be taking place in San Antonio with some of my photography idols. I knew I had to be there! For those of you who don't know, a shoot-out is a collaborative shooting event with multiple photographers and models. It's a full day shooting with models in amazing outfits at some of the most beautiful locations. It's a dream! Since I would be traveling for the shoot-out, I decided to make a trip of it, and see more of what San Antonio has to offer. 

If you read about my trip to Savannah then you know that I love brightly colored hotels, so when I found El Tropicano I knew it was the place for me!

Day 1: After driving straight through from Louisville to San Antonio (17 hours) and a good nights rest, it was time to start exploring.  

We started the morning off with breakfast at LuLu's bakery. LuLu's is home to the famous 3 lb cinnamon roll! It was literally the size of my head! It was delicious, and needless to say we had leftovers for days.

After that we headed into downtown to catch a glimpse of the Alamo and just to get a feel for downtown. We were surprised to find the Alamo in the middle of downtown. San Antonio was built around the Alamo, so there are tall modern looking buildings right next to it. It was a bizarre sight, and not how we had pictured it, but still very cool to see in person nonetheless.

We walked to a few shops and found a few cute souvenirs to bring back home before deciding to take a break from sightseeing and head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. 

A pink building?!? Love it!

For dinner we headed to Two Bros BBQ, for some real texas bbq. When we pulled up there were no other cars in the parking lot, we were slightly concerned that we were at the wrong place, but we went on it. If you are ever in San Antonio, GO HERE! It was the best bbq I have ever had, and for the price we got a lot of food. 

After dinner we headed over to the Tower of the Americas downtown to see the city lights from a whole new perspective. The tower is 750 ft. tall with a restaurant , bar, and observation deck all inside. After riding the elevator to the top we stepped out to see the city lights. We were unable to stay for too long because the wind was intense, and it was cold. (20ish degrees)

Day 2:  Shoot-out day!! Whoohoo! Started off with breakfast in the hotel and then got ready to head over to the shootout. 

For the shoot we would be in a part of town know as Pearl. Pearl is a neighborhood that was once an old brewery, "The Pearl Brewery." After it shut down the complex was abandoned for some time, until it was turned into this really cool part of town filled with shops, restaurants, bars, and apartments.    

It was about 40 degrees the day of the shoot, which really shouldn't be too bad, but after standing outside for 5+ hours, it tends to get cold quickly. Luckily for us photographers, our models were such good sports and we were able to shoot until sunset. 

Here are some of my favorite shots taken during the shoot-out, just click on the photo and it will appear larger. 

That evening we had reservations to eat at one of the oldest taverns on the river walk, Esquire. This place was way cool. It looked like what I imagined it looked like when it opened in 1933. It had a very rustic feel with real oil lamps on each of the table. 

Day 3: Since day 1 was pretty cold and day 2 was spent shooting, we had some major ground to cover on day 3. 

We started our day by heading to Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. Have you ever seen those videos on youtube of the people who have animals sticking their heads into their cars? Well this is the kind of place you go to have that happen to you! lol 

For $22 a person you get to drive through the park at your own pace and feed the animals at the ranch. There were zebras, elk, buffalo, long-horn cattle, giraffe's, and lots more to see once inside the park. It was really neat to see these animals up close and personal. The Zebra's were probably the most feisty of all of the animals in the park, but the ostriches' were a close second. 

By lunch time we were getting pretty hungry, and since the ranch is about 45 minutes outside of town, we just decided to eat lunch at the park. After lunch we headed over to the walk-about and saw some other, smaller animals, and then headed back into town. 

Once we were back in town we headed over the Pearl to check out some of the shops and to sight see. I really wanted to find a cute post card to add to my photo album, and I found the perfect one at the cutest little store called "The Tiny Finch."  Look at these vintage cowboy boots we found, because Texas!


After exploring for a bit we headed to Hotel Emma. Hotel Emma is in the center of the Pearl Brewery area and has been awarded one of the top hotels in the world. It is stunning! 

There is a library inside of the hotel that I really wanted to check out. The best way I can describe this library was that it was straight out of Beauty and the Beast. You need to see it for yourself. It was truly impressive. 

Next we headed to see San Fernando Cathedral. It was built in 1750 and is one of the oldest active cathedrals in America. I am learning that I have a thing for old buildings and pretty interiors. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 9.09.20 PM.png

Around 4pm we decided to take a margarita and queso break, because when in San Antonio drink margaritas and eat queso right?! We decided to stop at Ocho, a hidden little restaurant attached to Hotel Havana. I had seen pictures online of the restaurant , and knew it was somewhere I needed to check out.  Our margaritas and queso were delicious of course, but the icing on the cake was the atmosphere of Ocho. It was the perfect spot to chill on our busy afternoon, and just look at decor! I'm obsessed!

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 9.13.47 PM.png

For the rest of the evening we headed to the more commercial part of town and browsed at Target, and T.J. Maxx, because those of you who truly know me, know that I can't pass up either of these two stores! lol  We decided to just eat dinner at our hotel restaurant and call it a night.

Day 4: I hope you are enjoying reading what I was up to in SA, because day 4 was BUSY! 

We got up early and headed to the Alamo. We wanted to try to beat the crowds, and it worked! We toured the Alamo and the grounds and saw some very interesting displays at the Alamo museum. They discourage photography once inside of the Alamo, so I don't have much to show from our time there.  

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 9.23.14 PM.png

Once we finished touring the Alamo we were ready for breakfast.  About 10 minutes from the Alamo is a little place called " The Original Donut shop." They specialize in breakfast tacos and donuts, I couldn't think of a more perfect combo if I tried. The breakfast tacos were some of the best food we ate while in San Antonio and they were only $1.50 each. If you are ever in town and looking for a great breakfast stop, I 100% recommend, just make sure to have cash on you, as they don't take cards. 

Above: Street art about a block from "The Original Donut shop"

After we ate we headed next to the 4 other missions that are still standing in San Antonio (Concepcion, San Jose, San Juan, and Mission Espada). What I found most fascinating about these missions is that they are all still in use as churches. Two of the missions still had original parsonage homes that are in use today by the current priests.  

The missions were all different and unique in their own way. Mission San Jose was the largest of the 4 missions and was still very intact. While the other mission chapels were still in great shape, their surrounding structures had not worn as well as the buildings as San Jose. 

After we had explored each of the missions it was time for lunch, and in the true spirit of San Antonio we went to find some tacos. Near Pearl Brewery we stopped at Viva Taco Land. Like many of the restaurants in SA it has a large amount of outdoor seating, and since it was almost 80 degrees, we gladly sat out in the sun.  We had pulled pork tacos, with chips and queso, and corn in a cup, which I had never had, but now love.

After filling up on some deliciousness we headed over to Market Square. This is San Antonio's market full of authentic Mexican foods and goods. It was really neat to see all of the colorful arts and crafts authentic to SA and to Mexico. We browsed the shops and booths for a bit while enjoying the sunshine. 

Last but not least on our agenda for our last day in SA was to visit the river walk. The river walk is a 14 mile pathway along the San Antonio River. While most of the shops and restaurants are within a few miles, you can walk on the path from one end of the city to the next.  It sits one level below the streets of downtown so if you didn't know where to look you would miss it. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 9.59.50 PM.png

We decided to do the most touristy thing possible and to a river boat cruise. It is a 40ish minute boat ride along the most popular part of the river walk and shows you all of the hot spots and historic points along the river walk. It was absolutely worth the $10 we paid to ride the boat, and we learned some interesting things about the buildings, shops, and restaurants that line the river. 

We ended the night at Casa Rio, the oldest restaurant on the river walk for some authentic mexican cuisine. 

By the end of day 4 I was sooo ready for bed, so we hit the hay and got up early the next morning to head back home. We headed out and drove straight back like a couple of lunatics, because I had a cute puppy at home waiting on me. 

Visiting San Antonio was a great, and I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had traveling, making new friends, and learning new things along the way. Thanks so much for taking the time to read about my journey, I hope I have inspired you to do something new and fun, or at the very least to eat a taco!

Until next time,


Adeline: Jeff High Senior

Y'all are going to love this session, I just know it! When Adeline's mom contacted me about shooting her senior portraits, I knew we were going to have a great session! Adeline is a senior at Jeffersonville High School and is on their swim team. 

When Adeline arrived for hair and makeup, we started chatting and I learned that she and her family used to work with the circus! That is amazing, and so unique! 

For her look we decided on a natural but glam makeup look with false lashes to really help her gorgeous eyes pop, and loose curled hair. She is stunning! Since Adeline is a swimmer her days are spent by the pool with practices and meets, so she usually opts for a natural look and a pony tail, SAME, but it was such pleasure helping her vision for her hair and makeup come to life for her senior shoot. 

We started with outfit #1 and wanted to find a fun urban spot that would really compliment the colors in there paisley patterned dress. I don't know about you, but we think this first location was a match made in heaven!

When I saw her second outfit I knew we needed to find a location that showed off her soft, feminine side and style. We stumbled upon the cutest little fro-yo shop and knew it was the perfect spot for her pastel, lace trimmed top and jeans! Casual outfit perfection!

I mean seriously, how perfect are these colors! 

For her 3rd look we switched things up a bit. Since Adeline is most her self in a ponytail we decided to toss her hair up in a spunky ponytail for this set. The olive green vest she wore with her gray dress were a perfect combo and we decided on locations that would compliment her outfits perfectly!

Adeline wanted to show off her school spirit, so we shot a quick set in one of her favorite school tees, and then her boyfriend met us on set for a few quick and fun shots. 

Go Jeff Red Devils!

Go Jeff Red Devils!

I loved spending the day with Adeline and her mom for her senior shoot, but I knew I would because we are almost name twins! If you enjoyed her photos, make sure to show her some love down below! 

Until next time,


Piper: Charlestown Class of 2017

Holy Moly! I can finally breathe! This fall was crazy busy for me! I photographed so many amazing seniors, and I can't wait to share their sessions with you all! Now that senior season has slowed down, time to blog!

You probably recognize Piper's pretty face, because she is on my Team17 ModSquad! I have know Piper and her family since I was a kid, so when she applied for the ModSquad I was pumped not only to work with her for our fun styled shoots but for her senior shoot too! 

Check out our favorites and some behind the scenes from her shoot down below!

Piper runs Cross Country at her school, so for her shoot we headed over to her school to shoot her first location. I love the personal touch that showing off her school spirit added!

For Piper's second location, we choose to shoot somewhere that would show off her cute casual outfits well, so we stopped at a local park and found some super cute spots for her second and third outfits. 

Sooo Stunning!

Sooo Stunning!

Time for outfit #3. I love this relaxed summer sundress that Piper brought to her senior shoot!

Last but not least, outfit #4. For her last stop we wanted to switch things up a bit. Her last outfit just had so much spunk, so we decided to shoot in a more urban area and capture some really fun shots. Her fourth look was complete when we decided on a half-up hair-do with her flowey open shoulder dress! Love!

Morgan: Floyd Central Senior

Morgan! This girl has got it! Morgan is a part of the Floyd Central Theater Department and has big dreams on the big stage. She is starting her college search and being the rising performer that she is, we needed to get her a few picture perfect headshots for her auditions. I am so excited to see where her journey takes her! 


For Morgan's transformation we decided to keep things natural. We wanted to center her makeup look around her beautiful porcelain completion and big brown eyes. We kept her hair straight, and added a little volume to add a little extra sass! 


And can we just talk about the hats!? I absolutely love that she brought two different hats to her session! Things like that add such a personal touch!  



Victoria: Jeff High Senior

Hi everyone!  Long time no see! I have been so busy this month shooting that I have completely neglected updating the blog. But fear not, new posts are on the way!!  

Meet Victoria! She is one of the sassiest seniors I have had the pleasure to work with, and I love her spunk! We started her session day with hair and makeup at her riverfront home, and and selected her outfits and locations. We decided on 4 super cute outfits and the perfect locations for each outfit change. 


For Victoria's hair we decided on some soft curls, and for makeup we choose a silver toned smokey eye. Victora has the most amazing crystal blue eyes, and the silver smokey eye really made her eyes pop!

Check out some of our favorites and make sure to leave her some love! 


Mad.B does Vacay

Hey y'all! Vacation 2016 was a success! Woohoo! I love to read all about other peoples trips and adventures out into the world, so I decided that I would share mine with you all!

Since I usually go to a beach for my summer vacation, I decided to shake things up a bit and do something a little less typical, Savannah Georgia! Let me just start by saying that I have never visited a place that I could see myself living, but Savannah did just that. I don't know if it was the Spanish moss hanging from the trees that lined the streets or the smooth gospel singing heard on the street corners, but it just had a special something to offer. 

The cutest hotel in all of the land! The Thunderbird Inn!

The cutest hotel in all of the land! The Thunderbird Inn!

The city of Savannah is set up different than any place I have ever been. There are 22 squares in the historic district that each are different in their own way. They are not typical squares like I have seen here in Indiana, but are more like small parks inside of blocks of AMAZING historic southern homes. The Squares each have something different as a focal point. Many had fountains and statues, but they all were gorgeous. 

Day 1:

We got into town at about 1pm, and the hotel was ready early! Woot Woot! Dropped suitcases off, and headed to explore town. We started at City Market in historic downtown Savannah where we grabbed lunch. Then we decided to just walk around and explore the shops and restaurants. If you ever take a trip to Savannah, you need to leave plenty of time to explore. You can find lots of suggestions of places to eat and things to do and see, but there is just so much to see here that if you plan too much ahead you will miss some really great stuff. Part of the fun in Savannah is just seeing all of the amazing homes, parks, and city streets, so we made sure to leave time just to walk around and explore. 

On our walk, we popped into a Macaroon bakery. Sounds amazing right?! Well it was! I have always wanted to try macaroons so of course I picked up a dozen, and could not wait to taste them. They were almost too cute to eat, but don't worry I didn't let that stop me! Some of my favorites were the banana foster, bourbon pecan, and chocolate covered strawberry. 

Are they not the cutest?!

Are they not the cutest?!

We headed back to the hotel to cool off and after a brief break from the heat, because lets be honest Savannah is HOT in August, we headed back out and visited Forsyth park. There we viewed some of the statues and the famous fountain and saw some more mind blowing homes. At this point we were getting pretty hungry, and decided to grab some pizza before our big activity of the evening. 

To end day 1, we had scheduled a ghost walking tour. Spooky right? It wasn't too scary, but we did get to hear lots of stories about some of Savannah's reportedly haunted homes, and got to take a really neat tour of the city at night. It was just as beautiful at night as it was in the day. If you are ever in town I would highly recommend one of these tours, as you get to see the city a night, and you get to hear some local stories that you might not otherwise get to hear. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 7.00.30 PM.png

Day 2:

 Luckily for me our hotel had Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast so you know I hit that up! lol There was lots on the agenda for day two. We started the day off with a short drive to Bonaventure Cemetery. 

Bonaventure is stunning! I don't even know how to accurately put into words how beautiful this place was. We visited the grounds there and saw the resting sites of some pretty remarkable people. I don't have alot to say about Bonaventure because it is just one of those places you need to see for yourself. 

After we left Bonaventure we headed back into town and stopped for lunch at The Olde Pink House Restaurant. The house was built in 1771 and is 16,000 square feet! Talk about massive! The house has a lot of history and is super cool. If you eat there for lunch you get to walk through the whole house when you are finished, so of course we did that! It is too busy to walk through for dinner time, so we were excited to get to check out it while it was less crowded. Pimento cheese is a big deal in Savannah, and while we were waiting for our meal our server brought us out some pimento cheese cracker straws. The best way I can describe them, was that they made me think of a super fancy cheese-it. Strange, but sooooo yummy!

Once we were finished eating lunch we took a short walk across town and visited the Owens Thomas house. This house was the first house in Savannah to indoor plumbing! It was really interesting to see how the richie-riches of the 1800's lived. The home had some odd features. There were three fake doors, wood columns painted to look like marble, and even a bridge on the second floor. They did not allow photography inside the home, but I'll make sure to find some picture so that you all can see how amazing this place was.  

Once the house tour was over, we headed back to our hotel to catch our breath and clean up for dinner, because as we discussed earlier Savannah is HOT, and the AC was needed! 

Tybee Island is only about 25 minutes outside of town, so for dinner we headed to the beach. Tybee Island is the cutest beach town, not really a huge tourist area from what I could tell, but more of a local beach town. We made sure to stop and see the lighthouse there on the island and headed to the beach just before sunset. We walked down to the pier and saw some guys fishing from the top, they caught a shark! I was glad to be on the sand and not in the water! We took some selfies (because we are basic) and headed to dinner. 

For dinner we stopped at The Crab Shack. It was one of my favorite places that we ate while on vacation. The restaurant itself sits on an inlet where boats can come in and dock, the scenery was beautiful, and as a girl who loves boats and loves the water, this place was perfect. We both ordered crab legs (because are you even on vacation if you don't order crab legs?) and shrimp, and it was delicious! Best crab I have ever had! After your meal, if you ask your server, you can get some gator food and feed the gators that they have out front. So of course we did that!  

We headed back into town where we stopped at Jen's and Friends, a martini bar with over 300 unique martinis. I got the Birthday cake martini, complete with a lit birthday candle, and Jake got a Reese's cup martini. Both were yummy! Just a short walk down from Jen's is Leopold's, an iconic ice cream parlor in town, so we stopped in there before calling it a night.

I knew day 2 was a busy day, but until I started typing all of this I didn't realize how much we really did! Time flies when you are having fun!

Day 3: 

Wormsloe! We started the morning at Wormsloe Historic Site. Wormsloe was a plantation in the 1700's, and the Tabby Ruins on the property are the oldest standing structures in Georgia. The path to the plantation house is hands down one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen!

A few very popular movies have been filmed at Wormsloe, Forrest Gump and The Last Song with Miley Cyrus. 


Later in the afternoon we headed down to River St. River Street is right on the river, and is full of shops, restaurants, and has lost to do. To get to River st. you park on the street before River st. and walk down to the shops and restaurants. There are lots of historic stars and one elevator that you can take if you choose. Some of the stairs are wide and some of them are so crazy steep. They even come with a warning, "Historic Stairs, walk at your own risk." 

Once you get down to River st. you walk from shop to shop. We started the day at The Shrimp Factory and had lunch. After we finished there we walked to a few of the shops and boutiques and picked up some gourmet dog treats for my Copper boy at the cutest little pet shop. I was missing Copper pretty bad at this point so it only seemed natural to bring him back something special, bacon and quinoa treats in the shape of hearts. 

A little further down River st. was the Savannah Bee Company. We tasted lots of different naturally flavored honeys and brought some back home too. I brought back a big chunk of honey comb. I had never seen it straight on the comb and I thought it was too cool, and too tasty, not to bring back with me. 

Mid-day we decided to take a break from River st. and go see The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. This church was magnificent. The view inside was breathtaking, my jaw literally dropped. 


We ended up back at River St. for dinner at Huey's. Huey's was sooo yummy! I tried fried okra for the first time which was interesting. lol Definitely not my new favorite food, but not terrible either. We were way too full for dessert but they have these world famous beignets with a praline sauce, so I was tempted. I had never had a beignet and wanted to make sure to try them so we took an order to go.  We tried them later in the evening once we had a chance to chill from eating dinner and they were amazing!! Best thing I have ever eaten! Kind of like a  donut, kind of like a roll, with powdered sugar, but literally my favorite. If you are ever in Savannah and you don't go get an order of these, we can't be friends anymore. 

Day 4:

We left Savannah on Friday morning and made our way to Charlotte, halfway from Savannah to Asheville where we would be visiting on Saturday.  I have some family in Charlotte so we decided to spend some time there on Friday afternoon. It was so nice getting to see some family that I don't see as often as I would like to! 

Day 5:

After visiting in Charlotte, we drove the rest of the way to Asheville, NC. We had some of the best BBQ at a little place called Luella's BBQ in Asheville. Asheville is beautiful and the views of the mountains were so pretty to see as we were driving around. Saturday morning we got up early and made a short drive over to the Biltmore Estate.  I visited the Biltmore once when I was a kid and I knew I would love it, but I had no idea how much I had forgotten from my first visit. My mind was blown all over again. Jake had never been to the Biltmore so seeing his reaction to it's massive size was entertaining.  The house itself is 4 acres!! We did a self-guided through the house and saw its massive bedrooms, indoor pool, bowling alley, and ballroom. It is something everyone should see. The gardens are perfectly groomed and are stunning all on their own, even without the  house as a backdrop. 

I loved every minute of this vacation and had so much fun visiting and exploring new places. As much as I love the beach, I think road-trips are my new favorite kind of vacation. Thanks for taking the time to read about my adventure filled week, hopefully you feel inspired to go out and find an adventure of your own! I can't wait to see where life leads me next!

Paige: Atherton Class of 2017

Meet Paige! When I first met Paige and her mom I knew we were going to get along just fine! She loves all things pretty and preppy. After I heard she was planning to wear some Lilly Pulitzer for her senior session I knew we had to really play up her preppy style!

When Paige arrived we went through her outfit selections and decided which outfits we would plan on shooting. As she unpacked all of her outfits, wheels started turning and I could really start to see where we would be taking her shoot. I love how we styled each of her outfits to really pop and play with the locations that we had chosen for her shoot. 

For Paige's makeup we decided to do a rose gold toned soft smokey eye. We wanted to do an eye look that would really play up her gorgeous eyes. We went soft and neutral with her lip color so that her eyes could really steal the show. For hair we decided on soft wavy curls, and swapped out her look a few times throughout her shoot. 

See what Paige had to say about her time with Mad.B Photo!

I just wanted to tell you how awesome my shoot yesterday was. You answered all my questions before hand and that made me feel so much better! When I got there I loved that you looked at my pieces and put together the cutest outfits. I appreciated how you were honest with me throughout the process about what would look good and what wouldn’t. It was so nice how you let me borrow your jewelry and shoes! I loved my hair and makeup, you really listened to what I wanted and made me look gorgeous. You are very creative and picked awesome locations that fit my theme. I didn’t feel rushed the whole time, and you made the whole experience so fun! You were so nice and it felt like you really wanted to be there which made my experience better. My mom also thought you were awesome and a joy to be around. My overall session was amazing, and I’m glad I chose you as my senior photographer!!

Check out some more of Paige's senior session here and make sure to leave her some love at the bottom of this blog post! 


Josey: 2017 Jeff Senior

Senior season is here, and I could not be more excited!! Josey booked her session back in early spring, and she is my first senior of 2017!  



To start Josey's signature session off we met at her home and got started! First we looked through her wardrobe and selected what all we would shoot. This girls shoe game is on point, and as a fellow shoe girl I was pumped to see those pink heels!   



From there we started hair and makeup. Josey wanted a makeup look that would really help her gorgeous blue eyes to pop, so we decided on a lighter smokey eye and a neutral lip. For hair we started with loose curls, and switched up her look as we worked through our shoot. That's the beauty of the signature session, you get variety!!  



I love how each of her outfits are style and really work with the locations that we choose for her shoot. The just worked perfectly! Check out some highlights from her session and make sure to leave her some love!  



Becca: 70's Chic

Meet Becca! She was one of my 2015 seniors and when I got the opportunity to shoot with a '71 Chevelle, I knew she was the girl to shoot with me! We came up with the 70's chic concept to shoot and got started on wardrobe. The thursday before our shoot I hit up some thrift stores to score some items that would be authentic to the concept. 

I love the look that we put together! Becca brought the perfect attitude and look to pull off our 70's chic look. I am obsessed with the Steve Madden platforms that we used for the shoot, even if they were ankle-breakers. She killed it and I am so excited to share all of these images with you! 


The image below was featured on Senior Style Guides Instagram page!! So exciting!!

Maggie: Beach Vibes

Meet Maggie! Maggie is a member of our Mini ModSquad and is a junior at community montessori in New Albany.  I have had the idea to shoot a summer beach styled shoot for quite some time now, but being as we live in Indiana, it was obviously going to be a challenge. We decided to head the beach at a local lake. When we got there we were unsure of how our shoot would really go down, would we really be able to make it look like we were on a deserted beach in some dreamy part of the world? We had our work cut out for us, but we absolutely love the images we came up with! Maggie was such a good sport about getting down and dirty in the sand while looking cute and all! 

I am literally obsessed with what we came up with! For her shoot we knew she would wear some brighter clothes to really help the images pop. The beach was a perfectly neutral background for her turquoise shorts, and watercolor kimono. The boho layered necklace really added to the outfit and we kept her hair simple, like she had been at the beach all day!

Literally soooo stunning! Her eyes really stood out with the tones in these images! 

Nothing wrong with giggling on the beach!

Nothing wrong with giggling on the beach!

ModSquad: Pool Party

Sweet Summertime! The 2016 ModSquad and I decided to shoot a super-fun, super-bright, pool party themed shoot! It was a little bit of a challenge finding a pool to shoot with, but we did, and it was basically the most fabulous pool we could have found to shoot at! Big shoutout to The Jackson's!! Here are some of our favorites from this shoot, Enjoy!

How picture perfect does Bre look in our donut float!?!

How picture perfect does Bre look in our donut float!?!

Piper sitting pretty poolside

Piper sitting pretty poolside

So we all know I am OBSESSED with Pineapples, so when we came up with this outfit and idea, I had serious heart-eyes!

So we all know I am OBSESSED with Pineapples, so when we came up with this outfit and idea, I had serious heart-eyes!

Abby : Red, White, and Beautiful

Abby is a Class of 2018 junior at Jeff High. She responded to a model call on my Instagram page (@the.madb), and I immediately knew she would be the perfect all-american girl to shoot this red, white, and blue concept with me. I pass this location twice everyday and just knew it would be such a cute location. I have a few weeks here before I get swamped with 2017 seniors, so I figured it would be the perfect to shoot some just for fun!  Check out the photos from our session below, Enjoy!

About half way through this shoot we decided it would be fun to head to a new spot and shoot a little different style. We switched out the cut-offs and converse for some chic cuffed jeans and black wedges. I love the bold lip choice that Abby made, it just makes her bright blue eyes pop!

Senior pictures in the summer? HECK YES!!!

I hear it so many times each year, "No, I don't want to book yet, I want my pictures in the fall." And it kills me! Yes, fall portraits are beautiful, but summer is so perfect for your senior session! And here is why: (read below for more)

1. You get your senior pictures before everyone else! You want to be one of the first to get to post a senior sunday? Well that means you need to be taking your portraits in the summer! You'll get first dibs on locations and styles, and they will be the first that your classmates see!

2.The light is STUNNING! You want warm, sunny, glowing images? Well then a summer session is for you! That perfect warm light that you love only sticks around so long and it is at it's best during the summer months!

3. You get to wear whatever you want! Want to wear a sundress and dance in a field? Then a summer session is for you! I love the versatility that I see in my seniors outfits during their summer sessions, you can still rock pants, shorts, tanks, all shirts, all dress, and even light weight summer jackets! The wardrobe possibilities are endless, and you don't have to worry about staying warm, or looking cold in your portraits. 

4. The glow! Everyone's skin in the summer is a little more bronze and radiant, and it shows in photos. Your airbrush makeup will last all day, no matter how warm we may get during a summer session and your skin looks perfect. No chapped lips or patch dry skin in the summer, only glowing, radiant, picture perfect you with flawless makeup! 


5. Schedules are more open in the summer. Once school is back in session, your calendar (and mine) is harder to navigate. In the summer, you have more time to plan and to prepare for your photo shoot.

Yes it is warm out, yes we will get hot, but you would never know by looking at your gorgeous senior portraits. Fall dates are almost filled, do not miss out on your Mad.B Photo senior experience just because you are scared of a little sweat! 

Mykala : 90's Urban Inspired

Mykala is literally perfect, she is so sweet, and was an absolute pleasure to photograph, not to mention she is stunning. She is a photographers dream! For her shoot we decided on something a little on the edgier side, a urban 90's theme. Mykala has the perfect amount of sass to be able to totally slay this look! See for yourself!  


The picture above was featured by Senior Style guide, a national blog featuring the nations best senior photographers! You go girl!  

The picture above was featured by Senior Style guide, a national blog featuring the nations best senior photographers! You go girl!  


Bailey: Spring Garden Shoot

I'm In Love! Everything about this shoot just screams spring to me! I have always wanted to pull off a fun and bright shoot in a greenhouse, so when Bailey was up to it, we rocked it out! Check out the magic that happened during her shoot!


A big thanks to Grantline Nursery for allowing us to use their facilities as the background for our portraits, we love how they turned out!